Design & Project

We design and realize, Textile Architecture for any part of the world. Our work is developed from a first primary idea to the complete executive project, apt to build, using specialized software as ixCube and BIM.
Tensile structures operate under pure tension state, shape, tension, assembly process and construction materials are closely related, thus presenting a new concept in architectural design.
One of the main features of membrane roofs is the flexibility of the space they create and its modifiable nature, their quick assembly, lighting achieved by transparency, natural thermal conditioning, low cost, and especially their quality of a lightweight intervention in the environmental context.
Membrane tensile structures offer a wide array of possibilities as to form and composition in relation to their location, whether using standard designs or designing site-specific projects.
Tensile structures offer solutions which are often unrealizable with traditional techniques. They manage to accomplish curved geometric shapes and free forms which are very difficult and sometimes impossible to achieve with any other material.

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We develop primary ideas according to formal, technical and functional requirements. With the most appropriate solution, we make 3d models and membrane studies based on geometrical and force density methods.

See more examples and information: Facebook Sobresaliente Tensoestructuras


Preliminary Budget

Once we have pre-dimensioned the structure, we count materials (membrane, cables, steel, concrete) and get a real estimated cost.

See more examples and information: Facebook Sobresaliente Tensoestructuras


Executive project

With the client agreement the executive project is done. This includes foundations, structure, cables and membrane plans. It also includes structural engineering, details, cutting patterns and verification paper scale models. The executive project is then able to be manufactured anywhere.

See more examples and information: Facebook Sobresaliente Tensoestructuras

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