Sobresaliente offers a qualified tent rental service for parties and other events. We have a professional team who will advise you on an optimum space design.

When the time comes to plan your party or event, we will study different solutions and find out the most suitable option. Our technical advice includes, among others, a complete appraisal of the place, functional and local capacity analysis, waiter’s circulation study, stage, dancing floors and table´s placement, etc. Once the different parameters are established, a 3d project is done. The proposal is then sent to you.

We cover inaugurations, exhibitions, stands, conferences, presentations, fashion shows, film sets, access, parties, dances, birthdays, concerts, sports, emergencies.

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Arch structures of exchangeable systems and modulated growth for standard widths (6, 8, 10, 12m) allowing a great combination possibility for big or small measures.


Tubular structures forming sloped roofs with 10% pitch, made to measure the place where it will be used.

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